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"We have enthusiastically bred and distributed puppies to numerous homes all over the world at very reasonable prices. The joy and happy testimonials of every home that receives a puppy from us are more important to us than profit ".



Staffordshire” breeding is the result of ten years of dog knowledge, with both sharing an incredible passion for Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The structure is located within a designated rural region where nature and simplicity coexist with love and care for animals. The breeding center is also dedicated to post-adoption canine education, resulting in ongoing care and comparison with new fosterers.

We will follow the puppies’ route even after they have been taken into custody, instructing you on their food, required daily physical exercise, and providing valuable advise for the physical and mental well-being of your new companion. We choose breed examples in normal and greater sizes.

We invite you to visit our facility in person, but if that is not feasible, we are prepared to export the puppy all over the world via appropriate and permitted shipping company.

If you would like more information about available puppies or if you are interested in adopting one, please call, email, or write us.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeding Center

We devote so much time and attention to each dog that we do not consider ourselves their masters, but rather partners. Our puppy grows up surrounded in nature, and our primary goal is to allow them to socialize as much as possible among themselves and with humans. These are well-balanced, tamed canines with great physical abilities who demand your instruction and undivided attention.

We breed healthy Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies for sale at low, low costs. We have the most cutest, loving, and pleasant home breath puppies available.


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Many people believe that if they adopt a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy from another kennel, it will be the same as ours, but this is not the case! Our dogs are carefully selected in generations for well-defined morpho-character and morpho-physical qualities; this is the outcome of meticulous selection of specimens over numerous generations.

Furthermore, for generations, our dogs have been taught, socialized, and trained to live in a family context; they are well-controlled and have been socialized for urban and non-urban circumstances. As a result, we have puppies that are perfectly balanced in any setting and suited for spending their days with you in any situation.

We remind you that according to NAKC standards, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the best dog for families since it is sympathetic to humans and extremely friendly with them.

We so follow the puppy’s “life” even after adoption, instructing you on diet, the daily physical exercise they require, and providing vital advise for the physical and mental well-being of your new partner.

Our Philosophy

We are not a traditional breeding facility; we are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, an exceptional facility where dogs are not kept closed in a box all day long, but we are equipped with several thousand square meter parks where our Stafford Shire Bull Terrier and their puppies can move freely, socializing with each other and with other animals and people. The hypersocialization of any APBT is our goal.

We aim to teach your puppy the name you have chosen as well as some basic commands from an early age, socializing it to a wide range of settings and items. If you want, we may also provide a certified treatment with the option of adopting a puppy that has already been taught by us and our expert dog trainer through our “Obedience Training” program at the sixth or seventh month of age.


Dogs And Relationship

All of our subjects are chosen not only on a “morphological” level (we have specimens that, in addition to the pedigree, are suitable for “shows” and have won several awards), but also on a “morphocharacteristic” level; in fact, all of them have a temperate and balanced personality, hyper socialized with man, other animals, and the various situations that can be encountered in everyday life.

We do not consider ourselves to be their “Owners,” but rather their “Mates,” and it is this unique relationship that separates us and allows us to achieve symbiosis levels with them that would otherwise be unachievable.

The relationship with us does not end on the day of puppy delivery; instead, we are available to you for any clarification regarding the education, nutrition, or health of the puppy that you have adopted.

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