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"We have passionately breed and given out puppies to many homes around the world at very affordable rates. We aim NOT to make profit from the sale of our puppies but for the satisfaction and happy testimonies of every home that gets a puppy from us".



“Staffordshire” breeding is born ten years knowledge of dogs, both sharing their extraordinary passion for Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The structure stands inside a dedicated rural area, where nature and simplicity come together with love and care for animals. The breeding center is also committed to post adoption dogs education, which results in a continuous care and comparison with the new fosterers.

We will follow the puppies’ pathway even after the custody, we will instruct you on their feeding, on their required daily physical training and will supply precious advices for the physical and mental well being of your new companion. We select examples of  breeds in standard and in the larger size.

We invite you to visit directly our structure, but if its not possible we are ready to send the puppy all over the world, with appropriate and authorized shipments.

If you would like to obtain information on available puppies or if you have the intention to adopt one of them: call us, contact us via email or write us.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeding Center

We take care of every dog with great commitment so much so that we do not consider ourselves their masters, but companions. Our puppy grow immersed in nature and our primary goal is to let them socialize in the best possible manner among themselves and with man. These are well balanced, tamed dogs with exceptional physical skills that require your guidance and all of your love.

We breed healthy Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies for sale at very cheap and affordable prices. We have best, adorable Loving and friendly home breath puppies


Stafford Shire Bull Terrier
Stafford Shire Bull Terrier
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Stafford Shire Bull Terrier


saffy is a Staffordshire available puppies
Stafford Shire Bull Terrier
Stafford Shire Bull Terrier
Stafford Shire Bull Terrier

Many people think that if they adopt a puppy of an Staffordshire Bull Terrier from other kennels, it will be the same as ours, but it is not! Our dogs are specifically selected in generations for well defined morpho-character characteristics and morpho-physical characteristics; this is the result of a careful selection of specimens in several generations.

Furthermore our dogs are educated, socialized and trained for generations to live in a family environment; they are well controlled and have been socialized for urban and non-urban scenarios. By doing so, we have get puppy that are perfectly balanced in any environment and suitable to spend their days with you in any context.

We remind you that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in NAKC standard is the most suitable dog for families, empathetic with man and hyper sociable towards its family.

We therefore follow the “life” of the puppy even after being adopted, we instruct you on nutrition, the daily physical exercise they need, and provide valuable advice for the physical and mental well-being of your new partner. 

Our Philosophy

We are not a traditional breeding environment, we are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, an extraordinary facility where dogs are not kept closed in a box all day long,  but we are equipped with several thousand square meter parks where our Stafford Shire Bull Terrier with their puppies can move freely, socializing with each other and with the different races, as well as with others animals and different people. Our objective is the hyper socialization of any APBT.

We try to teach to your puppy from an early age the name that you have selected and some basic commands, making it socialized to the most varied situations and things.  We also offer, if you want, a certified treatment with the possibility to adopt a puppy already trained by us and our expert dog trainer, through our program of “Obedience Training”  at the sixth or seventh month of age.


Dogs And Relationship

All our subjects are selected not only at a “morphological” level (we have specimens that in addition to the pedigree are suitable for “shows” and have won several awards) but also at the “morphocharacterial” level, in fact all of them present a temperate and balanced character, hyper socialized with man, the other animals and the different situations that can be encountered in everyday life.

We do not consider to be their “Owners” but their “Mates”, it is in fact this special relationship that distinguishes us and allows us to reach symbiotic levels with them that would be otherwise impossible.

With us, the relationship does not end on the day of the puppy delivery, instead we remain  at your disposal for any clarification regarding the education, nutrition or health of the puppy that you have adopted.